Ludum Dare 35 – Detective Alice

By | April 20, 2016

First of all, to all of you solo developers, I have to say, you are awesome! Because working solo is rough.

Yesterday I finished my first Ludum Dare game jam project. I decided to work solo for this, so I can test my Unity skills. It was definitely hard. This was the first time I worked solo on a game jam project.

After going to the Unity introduction to VR workshop last month, I initially wanted to create a VR content for Google Cardboard, since it is the only VR device I have access to. However, I didn’t bother to look into any toolkit or environment for it. So on Friday night, I spent too much time to figure out how to get the app working on my phone. I managed to have a 360 view of a skybox, but that was about it. After spending more time that I want onto just compiling properly, I decide to scrap the idea of building on android device. Instead, I pick PC platform, and stick with first person view game, so in the future WHEN I have more time, I can convert this project into VR experience as intended.

Therefore, Detective Alice is completed. I was responsible for the design, programming and 3D art. I found sound effects from a few free sound sites. Music was done by a good friend, Niki Wonoto. I didn’t get to do any art until the last 8 hours of the development. By the time this project was submitted, it was only 15 minutes away from the deadline.

You can find the demo and source code here and from its project page.