Unity – Intro to VR Workshop

By | March 20, 2016

Yesterday, I went to a Unity Workshop event at University District. This particular workshop was held prior to a Seattle Virtual Reality Mini-Hackaton next week, which also help to prepare people for a larger Seattle VR Hackaton in April. I don’t know much about developing for VR, and from the last Global Game Jam, I realize how rusty I am with Unity.

As I came to the workshop, I met with Eva Hoerth and Ryan James from RatLab LLC. There were two mentors available to help us out with getting to know Unity. The other people at the workshop were students, and some were professionals. All of us were interested in VR, but didn”t really know how to start. So the two mentors patiently go over world building and scripting in Unity. Then in the end, they put the world and our code into a VR environment, and have people give it a try. It was definitely fun, and looked simple, although it is not.

Unfortunately the Mini-Hackaton event next week is already full. They don’t have a large venue, so the number of attendees is very limited. I am eyeballing the main VR Hackaton event in April though.