Mischievous Room VR

HTC Vive Demo | Source Code

Mischievous Room VR is a virtual reality flying experience for HTC Vive. It was created for Ludum Dare 37 with the theme of ”One Room”, in under 72 hours.

With your flying magic, capture the Food Coma and Sugar Rush faeries in the giant library.

Trigger warning: might cause motion sickness


  • NOTE: Require the use of BOTH Vive controllers for moving
  • When standing still, click on one of the trigger (not both) to start moving.
  • When flying, click on one of the trigger (not both) to stop. This is good to take a break, or when the arms start to get sore.
  • Put your arms in front of you to move forward.
  • Raise both arms to move up.
  • Speed is determined by controller distance to the headset. Place your hands near your body to move slower. Extends both arms further away from the body to move faster.

Game might take about 30 seconds to 1 minute to load.

Thank you for trying the game. Feedback is really appreciated. Please send them to chinnie-at-popoko.com 🙂

Tools used:

  • Unity5.5.0f3
  • 3ds Max
  • Photoshop
  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Painter 2
  • Coconut water & pizza


  • Fuseman flying tutorial [Youtube]
  • Background music: That Day, original composition by Niki Wonoto. [Soundcloud]
  • Sfx: Rubber toy squeak ts 13 – Mechanical Wave – Toys set [Soniss]
  • Sfx: xylophone toy stick gliss up ts 05 – Mechanical Wave – Toys set [Soniss]
  • Sfx: rupture – bulb impact 03 – SoundMorph – Rupture set [Soniss]
  • Sfx: wind-bell – Taira Komori [Website]

Unity asset for placeholder & quick prototype:

  • Bottles and table from “Alchemy Station” by David Stenfors
  • Various books from “Books” by VIS Games
  • “Metal Chair” by Rakshi Games
  • “Piano” by Miroslav Uhlif
  • “Treasure Chest PBR” by Thomas K.Kerff
  • “Retro Lamps” v1 by Artur G.