Quick prototypes are great to test if an idea is good or not. Here are a few of our prototypes:

  • Mischievous Room VR: Virtual reality flying experience involving faeries. And exploding boxes.
  • Cat Ball VR: Our first escape room virtual reality experience, involving a cat, and at least one ball.
  • Detective Alice: A first person exploration game in 3D world.

Slow cooked & on hold projects:

  • Green Thumb: The work-in-progress title of Popoko’s first indie game project. Players take control of our protagonist, a young man who neither worked a single day in his life nor paid any attention to the events going on in the world around him. However, when his inheritance starts to dry up, he realizes it’s time to find his calling in life. Armed with only a nearly condemned farmhouse, zero work ethic, and the ability to turn home-grown produce into minions, is it possible for our hero to regain his carefree lifestyle in a harsh unforgiving world?
  • Mother Sheep: 2D side scroller and platformer game where only a single sheep can prevent the end of the world by eating and… pooping.