Popoko is a Seattle-based indie development group founded by jaded gamers.  Our primary goal is to make games that we’d want to play (and hopefully you”ll enjoy as well).

Our core team:

  • Name: Tania (Chinnie)
  • Position: Lead Designer, Artist, Producer, Programmer
  • Likes: Fish
  • Dislikes: Venitian Bards
  • Name: Dave (PG)
  • Position: Code Monkey, Tester, Developer
  • Likes: Erecting sentries
  • Dislikes: Stale cookies

People who have helped us in the past:

  • Niki Wonoto – Composer [website]
  • Wakana – 2D Character concept art
  • Genzousou – 2D Character concept art
  • Kat Valliant – 2D Character & creatures concept art [website]

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line to chinnie-at-popoko.com !