Cat Ball VR

Kitten chasing a ball

HTC Vive Demo | Source Code

Cat Ball VR is a super short Escape Room VR experience for HTC Vive.

Trigger warning:

  • It contains kitten
  • Moving camera, very likely to cause VR motion sickness

How to play:

  • Use Vive controller directional pad for movement
  • Touch lightly to move fast.
  • Press harder to move slower.
  • Press trigger button to interact, like for pulling lever or picking up item

Hint: There can be multiple balls in the scene. Only one matters though.

I did most of the 3D modeling, and some scripting. The rest are credited to these wonderful people.

  • Cute Kitten, by leshiy3d,!/content/33121\r\n
  • Universe Cubemap – NASA,\r\n\r\nBGM Music:\r\n
  • Cafe Romance by Niki Wonoto,\r\n\r\n

Sound Effects:

  • Kitten Purr and Ball Jingle by Taira Komori
  • Lever: –  med dark 001 by 3maze (High Impact collection) []
  • Door: rock tumble down debris by Alexander Kopeikin (Rocks collection) []



HTC Vive Demo | Source Code