Detective Alice

Detective Alice - Living Room level

Alice is hungry and she is stuck in her room. Help her find food and find the way out. Oooh, what’s that pink thing over there? Nomnomnom.

This game is a solo project by Chinnie, made in Unity 5.3.4f1 for Ludum Dare 35. Majority of the assets were made during the game jam. The rest, like wall, floor, ceiling and boxes are Unity”s standard assets (for prototyping).

All the beautiful sound effects and music are made by these wonderful people:



  • Cheerful Vacation
  • 17 years old

Both music are composed and peformed by Niki Wonoto.

You can get the game demo  and source from these links:

Demo for Windows | Source

Thank you for trying. Let us know what you think.

Bedroom Level

Bedroom Level

Kitchen Level

Kitchen Level