Ludum Dare 37 – Mischievous Room VR

By | December 16, 2016

I’ve been wanting to try a flying VR experience for a while. We finally got our HTC Vive about 1.5 months ago. So last week, in preparation for Ludum Dare 37, I was looking into some flying mechanics.

Of course, as the game jam started, it announced its theme of “One Room”.  I face-palmed. Then again, it can be worse.. like, underground. Actually, flying in a long underground cave when the rocks falling down can be interesting. Probably not a comfortable VR experience though.

So, after brainstorming for half an hour, I came up with an idea of flying in a big room. Really really big room. After 72 hours of many failures, rapid prototype and design improvement, I finished Mischievous Room VR.  You can get the demo and source code through Ludum Dare site or from Mischievous Room VR page.

Postmortem will come soon. Now I need to get back and finish the last couple kits for Undead Darlings’ high school level.