Ludum Dare 40

By | December 6, 2017

I was not able to do Ludum Dare in April and September since their timing conflicted with both Seattle VR Hackathons. For Ludum Dare 40 though, since it was in December, I actually had some time. Well, not really, I had to suspend my freelance activity and block out time to work on this.

This time, PG decided to join in to brush up on his rusty Unity skill. I concentrated on the art side of things.

The theme for LD40 was “The More You Have, The Worse It Is”.  With Ludum Dare, I always like to add extra restriction, so we decided to include penguins. We came up with a simple idea of penguin running a soup kitchen, cooking fish and serve it to customer. Customers also pay with fish, based on how happy they are. The more fish we get, the more fish we need to cook before they go bad. Also the more customers we get, the more chaotic it will be. There’s also rent to pay, in fish. The game ended when we cannot meet the monthly pay and get kicked out by the landlord.

Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the project it time. I got majority of the art assets done, all made from scratch. I also started to play around with animation, and boy I was rusty. PG was also having issues with Unity build. Instead of stressing out, we decided to just do what we can and not submitting. 

Below are a couple videos of the game.