Oculus Launchpad submission

By | September 12, 2017

Yesterday I submitted my project for Oculus Launchpad. It is a relaxation mobile VR experience called EnlivenVR, designed for people who cannot use their limbs. This project was inspired by a conversation I had with a local game developer, who has spinal muscular atrophy. She was very excited about current VR technology and wondered if it can help people with her disability. One of her main concern was that on some days, her body was in such a pain that she was unable to move her arms and legs, and had to lay in bed all day, hoping things would get better the next day.

This app was developed solo in about 12 weeks since Oculus Launchpad bootcamp. I really felt the limitation of working solo, especially for someone who is not a seasoned programmer. I have the easiest time doing the art though. I also learned a lot about developing for mobile VR. It was a totally different beast than creating PC VR experience.

You can check out my project progress at EnlivenVR site.