Seattle Indies Game Jam

By | August 8, 2017

The first Seattle Indies Game Jam took place at the Living Computer Museum in SoDo, Seattle. Similar to many game jam, it had a theme that did not get announced until the event started. For this year, the theme was ‘It’s not a scam’.

Since I have been stressed out while working on Oculus Launchpad project, I wanted to do something silly and fun. During pitching I tossed in a couple ideas, but I joined one team who wanted to do VR game. We agreed to build an experience of someone getting scammed from buying broken airship, but too prideful to accept that they made a mistake. This experience is called Space Lemon VR.

I worked with Livio again for this project. We worked together before for Global Game Jam in January. During the event, I sat next to Clinton, another VR developer. Although this game was built primarily for HTC Vice, Clinton somehow tested the project using Oculus Rift. We used mainly SteamVR with NewtonVR for the physics component.  I was the only artist in the team, and we decided to create most assets from scratch.

The project ended up being really fun. We had some wacky ideas in the beginning, and since a lot of us has had a lot of jamming experience, we were able to implement most of them fairly quickly.

You can find our game at and DevPost