Women VR/AR Create-a-thon

By | June 9, 2016

Yesterday, I went to an All-Women Hackaton event, organized by VR/AR Collectives and Girls in Tech. It was only a one-day event, but I really enjoyed it. It was great to see 100 different lovely ladies from various background, all itching to learn this new technology and from each other. During pitching, a lot of ideas were so different than I found in the previous hackaton and game jams. A lot of them were very serious, with real application in medical fields or dealing with social issues. There were also some for-fun ones, like creating the Velvet Room from Twin Peaks, or a gallery for Tilt Brush works.

During team forming, I joined Rachel Chen’s team. She wanted to create an experience for magical students. Beside her and me, we had two developers, Eunice Na and Desiree Poland, both from Ada Academy. Cierra Gonzales also joined us as UI/UX designer. We decided to build for the HTC Vive, since we wanted the room scale experience. However, one of the available Vive was being used for public demo, so we had to make our prototype using Oculus for the time being.

Since it was only a one-day thing, we didn’t get to finish our prototype. All of us never really build any VR app before, so we all learned a lot during the event. I did get to try Tilt Brush for the first time and was really impressed. Also as I checked other teams’ projects and occasionally helped some of them with Unity questions (some people never use Unity before), I got to learn new things as well.